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Urfa biber / Isot pepper

Urfa biber / Isot pepper

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Urfa Biber Isot Chili

Urfa Biber Isot Chili from Turkey is a delicately smoked Turkish chili. 

What is Isot Chili - Urfa Biber?

Isot Chili - Urfa Biber is a very aromatic, medium-hot, Turkish chili variety. It has its home in the south-east of Turkey and grows near the city of Urfa.

The city of Urfa is at the crossroads of the old spice trade routes that connect Persia and the Mediterranean region. Only 40 km from the Turkish-Syrian border.

This chili variety belongs to the genus Capsicum Annuum. This genus also bears the name of Spanish pepper and belongs to the nightshade family. It is a perennial bushy plant with a height of 1.5 meters with 5-15 cm long leaves that are pointy towards the front. In warm regions, these plants are perennial. They bear mild to medium-spicy fruits.

What makes it special?

The unique characteristic of this chili is that it can mature on the plant for a particularly long time. More prolonged ripening always means a more aroma. In the manner of ripening, its red color changes to maroon. Only then is it ready for harvest. The pods then go through a two-stage manufacturing process. It has been drying in the sun for the day and sweats in towels at night. This process is repeated for a week until the pods start to shine. Then, the isot peppers are milled and salted.

What does Isot Chili taste like?

Isot Chili has a smoky, sweet, and earthy taste that goes well with ginger, chocolate, and vanilla. Give it and orange zest in the chocolate glaze for cookies or cakes. You will love him and never want to do without it again.

In Turkish cuisine, the Urfa beaver is often used to flavor kebab and kofte. Try it, also for cig-köfte, these are vegan Turkish meatballs.

Culinary use

Isot beaver traditionally flavors kebab dishes, vegetable casseroles, tomato salads, and Turkish lamb dishes. Season to taste or how sharp your tongue can stand. It has a medium sharpness, with 40,000 Scoville SHU. Try it also for marinating green olives. It gives it an elegant sharpness with a delicate smoke aroma.

Ingredients: isot, salt,

Origin: Turkey


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