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Maras Mountain Salt - Peruvian Andes

Maras Mountain Salt - Peruvian Andes

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Maras salt from the highest salt farm in the world

  • Mara salt coarse Inca salt
  • strong, intense and penetrating but round taste
  • light pink color

Origin and cultivation of Maras mountain salt

The Maras salt is a rich mountain salt with an elegant taste. It is also called the white gold, and it comes from the Peruvian Andes. Here it is produced in pools at around 3000 meters above sea level.

The process of manufacturing and processing is complex and difficult. There are very harsh environmental conditions at this altitude, such as the low oxygen concentration in the air and the way up to the salt pans is very difficult.

The residents of the village Maras produces this salt from the spring water of the Andes. They direct the spring water into the hand-made salt basins, which are terraced. They also have an average height of approximately 10 cm. The Incas created these salt pans and thus made their white gold even then.

The warmth of the sun, allows the water to evaporate, the salt remains in the basin, which is then harvested by hand. Because of this, the Maras salt also has residual moisture, similar to the Fleur de Sel. However, its structure is coarser and firmer.

After the harvest, local families transport the salt into the valley by pack animals. It is a natural product from the high mountains of the Andes.

Culinary recommendation

It is a salt with a granular structure, with a rich, intense and penetrating, but round taste.

This salt is a real gourmet salt. It refines fish, vegetables, and meat. It has a light pink color and is also suitable as table salt for seasoning


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