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Kala Namak

Kala Namak

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Kala Namak Black Salt from India

Kala Namak is also known as Kala Nun as well as black salt. It is not black at all, but rather brownish pink to dark purple. It also has an unmistakable sulfury smell and conjures up a great egg taste not only in vegan dishes.

What is Kala Namak Black Salt?

Kala Namak Black Salt is a typical Indian spice salt and has its origin in Pakistan. It is an aromatic rock salt with an exciting egg aroma due to sulfur compounds.

What does the Indian black salt specialty taste like?

The black salt has a smoky, bitter, and egg-tasting aroma in addition to its salty taste. However, its smell is reminiscent of rotten eggs and should not deter, as it tastes fantastic in masalas, on fruits, in chutneys, and especially in vegan dishes.

Culinary use Kala Nun

In India, they use this spice salt to refine curry, chutneys, masalas, fruits, raitas, juices, and fish dishes. Its egg aroma is very suitable for purifying vegetarian or vegan dishes and giving it a characteristic egg aroma. Try it on tofu, avocado, vegetable soup, or fruit bowls.

Ingredients: Salt, Ash of the Plant Haloxylon recurvum


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